Montavilla Gardens Tour

PC: Jen Hecht

Discover some great gardens in and around the neighborhood each spring and fall for free. Get ideas for your next garden. Ask other gardeners what they are doing. Create some community. Have fun!

The fall tour (Aug. 25-26, 9 a.m.-1:30 p.m.) will feature edible gardens.

The tour is a progressive. Follow the map to the first site and hang out for a bit then bike, walk or drive to the next one. One garden will be open each 45 minutes. That way hosts can also close up their garden and join the tour!

Registration is required to participate in the tour either online or in person the day of. When you register, you will get access to the map.

Register now by clicking here.

Hosts for the fall tour (bios and pictures):

To get involved email Brian Stafki.

What does it mean to be a host? 

Being a host doesn’t mean your garden has to be at its best. Hosts who are in their first year are great too! The MGT is an opportunity to learn about gardening and see all the steps along the way.

Host open their yards for approximately 45 min on the day of the tour. That doesn’t mean you have to open your bathroom or house! Feel free to share before and after pictures and tell stories about how it came to be. No need for formal tours! Some hosts provide refreshments, but again, it is not necessary. Easy as that!

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