Kathy Kornei’s Garden

img_4599Kathy Kornei’s garden will be featured as part of the Fall Montavilla Gardens Tour — coming up Saturday and Sunday, August 25 and 26. The tours will feature gardens with vegetables, fruit or both (plus other great features).

In Kathy’s words, “We’ve made a small urban orchard on our property — apples, fig, pear, plum and kiwi — and have filled the rest of the remaining space with berries, grapes and veggies. We’re growing a few particular varieties of apples known to be good for hard cider. Several of the grape vines were transplanted from another home up near Mt. Tabor. It’s been a fun challenge converting our petite property (5,000 square feet) into a bountiful garden. Our trees and vines are young, but they’re already bearing fruit.”

Similar to spring tour, this will be a progressive with one open after the other and approximately 45 min between gardens (yes slightly less time than the spring tour).

Registration will open and maps sent out once we have a full complement of hosts. Sign up for email notifications to hear more.

To sign up to be host, fill out this form.

Susan and Brent’s Garden

1917959_125919489088_7575333_nSusan Wilmoth and Brent Casaday’s garden is a work in progress since they moved in six springs ago — a combination of fruit, veggies, perennials, annuals and the creative challenge of a big old concrete slab. Susan explains, “We call it Life-Long Project Garden and it will never be finished because digging in the dirt is my healing elixir. When we moved in, we seeded the blank-slate borders with flowers that reseed themselves generously. That way, the yard is full of beauty while we slowly replace the filler-flowers with more intentional plantings over the years.” The loss of a big tree last fall brought a wave of change to the back garden as they adapt to more sun (a good problem to have!) and nurture a new tree. Susan aims to have her garden be a gourmet bee-restaurant* and a restorative place for the humans too.

*Note to any visitors: the bee box is currently empty.

To enjoy Susan and Brent’s lovely garden space, register for the 4th Annual Montavilla Gardens Tour — Spring Edition this weekend!

Amy Schutzer’s Garden

32089323_10213720641789172_271751467105255424_nAmy Schutzer is volunteering to open her garden this weekend as part of the Montavilla Gardens Tour. Amy explains, “I’ve been an avid organic gardener for over 30 years, and continue to learn new things every season. I moved into this house almost three years ago. Aside from the foundation planting (rhodies, azaleas), three established red maples, an oak, fir and gorgeous cedar tree, most everything else I’ve added. It’s a big lot, 8,400 feet, with many different areas. I’ve got an organic vegetable area, dwarf conifers, small woodland under the fir, a fun strip of sedums, a found cement sink turned garden, lots of fragrant plants, some medicinal, bee friendly perennials, and much more to do and plant. Two projects I’m working on are establishing a meadow-like garden on the south facing yard and a rain garden along the patio on the north side. It’s a deliberate work in progress, just what a gardener loves.”

To enjoy Amy’s lovely garden space, register for the 4th Annual Montavilla Gardens Tour — Spring Edition this weekend!

Erich Sauer’s Garden

34092915_198995450912874_1348773722701430784_nErich Sauer will be on the Spring 2018 Montavilla Gardens Tour. Erich explains about his garden, “Ever since purchasing my home in 2013, I’ve been working to build up my soil, battle endless crabgrass and establish as many native and functional plants in my yard as possible. I use holistic, permaculture and some biodynamic practices to produce happy and healthy veggies, fruits, flowers, herbs and medicinals. My low-budget style of gardening relies on swapping with neighbors, propagating from seed or cuttings, Craigslist’s ‘free stuff’ section, and occasional clearance plant shopping. Last year, my friend Liz moved in and we’ve joined forces to create Wild Magic Gardens, which will be offering year-round plant sales, a CSA, and landscape design and maintenance.”

To enjoy Erich’s lovely garden space, register for the 4th Annual Montavilla Gardens Tour — Spring Edition this weekend!

Planning for the Montavilla Gardens Tours

3763FBD3-F674-4E87-AF57-12FDFAA4575EGardeners of Montavilla has a vibrant history of organizing summer garden tours in a variety of formats. These tours have become a rich opportunity for neighbors to get inspiration and ideas, glean knowledge and information, and cultivate a sense of community with fellow gardeners.

This year we’re planning two separate garden tours — an early-season tour with an ornamental/native focus, and a late summer tour to show off our community’s abundant edible gardens at the peak of their production. Each garden will be open in a designated order allowing hosts to circulate to the other gardens and enjoy the tour themselves.

To bring this vision to life, we need your help. We need help picking dates and volunteers to join our teams to make these tours happen. And most importantly, we need hosts to open their gardens.

A word about becoming a garden tour host: there’s no need to have a “finished” or well-established garden to be a tour host! Our community is eager to tour gardens in all phases and stages. Montavilla is home to many new gardeners who are only just beginning to explore the world of gardening. Also, each garden will only be shown for a short period to make it a lightweight commitment for our hosts and allow you to go check out the other gardens on the tour. We invite you to take the leap and sign up to be a host — and our event teams will support you with all the logistics!

Please take our quick survey and let us know what you think about dates this year — and please raise your hand for a fun and collaborative team experience! We promise you won’t regret it!

Looking forward to another beautiful growing season together!

George Czupryk’s garden

image3George is a new addition to the Sunday, July 17 Montavilla Gardens Tour. You can see his garden and pond from 9-11:30 a.m. His place is in nearby Hazelwood, Montavilla’s eastern neighbor. The last two years of MGT have had at least one garden in an adjacent neighborhood.

“Our garden is actually our Koi pond surrounded by a wraparound deck with numerous plants and potted and hanging baskets,” says George. We have a barn-like structure for our seven chickens with a nice chicken run. The front yard is Begonias and Impatients, surround a large Monkey Puzzle tree.”

Register for the tour (free).


Gabe Haynes and Ahliae Toulouse’s garden

IMG_2236Gabe and Ahliae’s garden will serve double duty on Saturday, July 16 as a stop on the Montavilla Gardens Tour and as host of the Saturday Free Market. The tour is from 9-11:30 a.m. and the market is from 10 a.m.-noon.

“Five years in the making, our garden has been an ongoing source of joy, frustration, learning opportunities, our favorite creative outlet, and best place to exercise problem solving skills,” says Gabe. “Our Urban Homestead features over 1,000 gal rainwater storage for irrigation, four hens residing in a hybrid coop/kids play structure enclosure, extensive annual veggie beds in the front yard and a young food forest in the back yard. In addition to growing two young children, we strive to nurture a half dozen young fruit trees, about a dozen varieties of berries, a variety of medicinal and pollinator-attracting plants,and a growing number of native plants.”

“Ongoing projects for this year include depaving a portion of our driveway to accommodate planters made from a variety of salvaged items, gaining Backyard Habitat Certification, developing a simple greywater system to divert water from our shower, growing oyster mushrooms, and constructing a cob/salvaged window structure to house a wood-fired hot tub.”

Due to ongoing construction, the backyard may be closed to visitors during the tour. But the front yard is pretty amazing!

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Miranda Keeper’s garder

IMG_3082.jpegVisit Miranda and Daniel in their garden on Saturday, July 16 from 9-11:30 a.m. They will be on the first day of the Montavilla Gardens Tour — a day for mostly vegetable gardens.

“My fiancé Daniel Thomas and I moved into the house in November and have been working on the garden since,” says Miranda. “There is a lot in the way of flowers and decorative plants left over from the previous owner but we definitely wanted more space for veggies and the space out front of our fence wasn’t being used for anything.  Daniel built the beds and then we started planting.  I would say the favorite thing we’re growing right now are our tomatoes.  We have 7 plants of different varieties.”

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