Michael Sonnleitner’s Garden

Relaxing WalkMichael Sonnleitner makes the most of his limited growing space. Michael explains, “Gardening is a hobby which I find both relaxing and tasty! Featured (in the photos) is the greenhouse I built from recycled materials. It contains seven varieties of tomatoes, four varieties of hot peppers, and assorted condiments, as well as small avocado, grapefruit, and orange trees. Elsewhere in my small yard, we have two apple trees, a nectarine tree and an apricot tree — all of which are watered by rainwater collected off our roof and stored in a 500-gallon tank.”

You can see his garden on the first day of the Montavilla Gardens Tour — August 25.

So far, there are eight hosts signed up to open their gardens. We hope to have at least five on each day. Times are yet to be determined, but the tour will likely start at 9 a.m. and end by 1 p.m. Each garden will be open for approximately 45 min. Hosts are not expected to have perfect gardens as the tour is intended to be a social and learning opportunity. It is important to see gardens at all phases. Sign up to be a host by July 25.

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