Kathy Kornei’s Garden

img_4599Kathy Kornei’s garden will be featured as part of the Fall Montavilla Gardens Tour — coming up Saturday and Sunday, August 25 and 26. The tours will feature gardens with vegetables, fruit or both (plus other great features).

In Kathy’s words, “We’ve made a small urban orchard on our property — apples, fig, pear, plum and kiwi — and have filled the rest of the remaining space with berries, grapes and veggies. We’re growing a few particular varieties of apples known to be good for hard cider. Several of the grape vines were transplanted from another home up near Mt. Tabor. It’s been a fun challenge converting our petite property (5,000 square feet) into a bountiful garden. Our trees and vines are young, but they’re already bearing fruit.”

Similar to spring tour, this will be a progressive with one open after the other and approximately 45 min between gardens (yes slightly less time than the spring tour).

Registration will open and maps sent out once we have a full complement of hosts. Sign up for email notifications to hear more.

To sign up to be host, fill out this form.

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