Susan and Brent’s Garden

1917959_125919489088_7575333_nSusan Wilmoth and Brent Casaday’s garden is a work in progress since they moved in six springs ago — a combination of fruit, veggies, perennials, annuals and the creative challenge of a big old concrete slab. Susan explains, “We call it Life-Long Project Garden and it will never be finished because digging in the dirt is my healing elixir. When we moved in, we seeded the blank-slate borders with flowers that reseed themselves generously. That way, the yard is full of beauty while we slowly replace the filler-flowers with more intentional plantings over the years.” The loss of a big tree last fall brought a wave of change to the back garden as they adapt to more sun (a good problem to have!) and nurture a new tree. Susan aims to have her garden be a gourmet bee-restaurant* and a restorative place for the humans too.

*Note to any visitors: the bee box is currently empty.

To enjoy Susan and Brent’s lovely garden space, register for the 4th Annual Montavilla Gardens Tour — Spring Edition this weekend!

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