Erich Sauer’s Garden

34092915_198995450912874_1348773722701430784_nErich Sauer will be on the Spring 2018 Montavilla Gardens Tour. Erich explains about his garden, “Ever since purchasing my home in 2013, I’ve been working to build up my soil, battle endless crabgrass and establish as many native and functional plants in my yard as possible. I use holistic, permaculture and some biodynamic practices to produce happy and healthy veggies, fruits, flowers, herbs and medicinals. My low-budget style of gardening relies on swapping with neighbors, propagating from seed or cuttings, Craigslist’s ‘free stuff’ section, and occasional clearance plant shopping. Last year, my friend Liz moved in and we’ve joined forces to create Wild Magic Gardens, which will be offering year-round plant sales, a CSA, and landscape design and maintenance.”

To enjoy Erich’s lovely garden space, register for the 4th Annual Montavilla Gardens Tour — Spring Edition this weekend!

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