Sophie Lord’s Garden

Sophie says:

“Our vibrant purple house sits on a rather small lot, with three distinct small garden areas. The newest garden is in very early planting/planning stages, and isn’t much to look at (yet!)–it’s a small area on the west side of the house that is being developed as an exclusively native plant garden, as part of our participation in the Audubon Society’s Backyard Habitat Program.

The front garden is a small rocky rain garden, accented with ornamental grasses and shrubs, and the back garden is designed around entertaining and relaxing. It’s a small space with concrete and flagstone patios and a very wide planting border featuring a selection of ornamental trees and shrubs, with an eye to keeping things welcoming to birds and bees. Our neighbors’ impressively well-contained wall of bamboo provides a beautiful backdrop and privacy screen.”

To enjoy Sophie’s lovely garden spaces, register for the 4th Annual Montavilla Gardens Tour – Spring Edition this weekend!



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