Melissa Burgess’ Garden

33156251_10103900746135386_863089973237121024_nMelissa Burgess describes her garden as still being in its infancy. “One year ago, we had a backyard that had a huge dangerous pine tree hanging over our house and nothing else but a mud pit. We got to work last year to build the backyard of our dreams, including raised beds for food growing, lots of roses for bouquets for our neighbors, a bocce ball court, fire pit, and, of course, a hammock. Everything growing was planted by us within the last year, so everything is still small. There is nothing we love more than working out in the yard and you will see us out there most days! It’s a work in progress but we love it.”

It sure looks like a beautiful outdoor living space has been created! Can’t wait to check this one out during the tour!

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Check out Melissa’s work in progress in person at the spring Montavilla Gardens Tour on Saturday and Sunday, June 2 and 3. (Register here to get the details and schedule.)

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