Planning for the Montavilla Gardens Tours

3763FBD3-F674-4E87-AF57-12FDFAA4575EGardeners of Montavilla has a vibrant history of organizing summer garden tours in a variety of formats. These tours have become a rich opportunity for neighbors to get inspiration and ideas, glean knowledge and information, and cultivate a sense of community with fellow gardeners.

This year we’re planning two separate garden tours — an early-season tour with an ornamental/native focus, and a late summer tour to show off our community’s abundant edible gardens at the peak of their production. Each garden will be open in a designated order allowing hosts to circulate to the other gardens and enjoy the tour themselves.

To bring this vision to life, we need your help. We need help picking dates and volunteers to join our teams to make these tours happen. And most importantly, we need hosts to open their gardens.

A word about becoming a garden tour host: there’s no need to have a “finished” or well-established garden to be a tour host! Our community is eager to tour gardens in all phases and stages. Montavilla is home to many new gardeners who are only just beginning to explore the world of gardening. Also, each garden will only be shown for a short period to make it a lightweight commitment for our hosts and allow you to go check out the other gardens on the tour. We invite you to take the leap and sign up to be a host — and our event teams will support you with all the logistics!

Please take our quick survey and let us know what you think about dates this year — and please raise your hand for a fun and collaborative team experience! We promise you won’t regret it!

Looking forward to another beautiful growing season together!

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