Gabe Haynes and Ahliae Toulouse’s garden

IMG_2236Gabe and Ahliae’s garden will serve double duty on Saturday, July 16 as a stop on the Montavilla Gardens Tour and as host of the Saturday Free Market. The tour is from 9-11:30 a.m. and the market is from 10 a.m.-noon.

“Five years in the making, our garden has been an ongoing source of joy, frustration, learning opportunities, our favorite creative outlet, and best place to exercise problem solving skills,” says Gabe. “Our Urban Homestead features over 1,000 gal rainwater storage for irrigation, four hens residing in a hybrid coop/kids play structure enclosure, extensive annual veggie beds in the front yard and a young food forest in the back yard. In addition to growing two young children, we strive to nurture a half dozen young fruit trees, about a dozen varieties of berries, a variety of medicinal and pollinator-attracting plants,and a growing number of native plants.”

“Ongoing projects for this year include depaving a portion of our driveway to accommodate planters made from a variety of salvaged items, gaining Backyard Habitat Certification, developing a simple greywater system to divert water from our shower, growing oyster mushrooms, and constructing a cob/salvaged window structure to house a wood-fired hot tub.”

Due to ongoing construction, the backyard may be closed to visitors during the tour. But the front yard is pretty amazing!

Register for the tour (free).

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