Erich Sauer’s garden

imageThis is Erich Sauer’s second year on the Montavilla Gardens Tour. You can really see the difference in his garden from year to year. His garden will be showcased on the second day of the tour, Sunday, July 17, along with other mostly ornamental gardens.

“My garden is one of my creative outlets and my strongest connection to ‘Earth Magic’ in the city,” says Erich. “This is my third year gardening at my house. The first year was spent battling grass, weeds and lame foundation plantings. Last year was focused on new foundation plantings (most fruit-producing), an experimental, up-zoned vegetable garden and lots of insect habitat. This year has been focused on finishing up cohesive areas and filling in beds with a whole lotta fun, clearance (rescue) plants for pollinators. I look forward to seeing folks on the tour and having some great conversations!”

See Erich’s garden between 9 and 11:30 a.m.

Register for the tour (free).

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