Join us at our Seed Swap and Winter Social

Seed swapFrom Ben Cutler:

Seeds are life giving marvels!

It’s time to begin prepping for the upcoming gardening season! I know, already?!!?! Woohoo!!! Time sure does fly.

One of the best parts about winter and early spring is getting together with neighbors and exploring the vast array of genetic diversity in seeds that is out there. What better way to do that than sharing seeds at a community seed swap!

So, my fellow Gardeners of Montavilla, let’s gather February 20th from 12-2 p.m. in Lorraine’s wonderful backyard garden — 7044 NE Pacific St — indoors available too if the weather doesn’t suit us — and share the bounty of our seed collections! Read below for details regarding the swap.

We could use a few extra folding tables. If you can help, just respond in the comments.

If you’d like to bring preserved foods to share as well you are more than welcome.
Not required but encouraged: bring a potluck dish to share and BYOD: Bring your own dishes & utensils.
Want to volunteer? See link below.

Thanks everyone!

Some details and guidelines to note before attending:

  • SHARE: Bring fresh seeds (not older than 3 years for most varieties) from your collection that you are willing to part with. Leave home the seeds you will need for your garden.
  • LABEL CLEARLY: Prepare in advance by labelling your seeds.
    • LOCAL, ORGANIC & NON-GMO – We would prefer locally sourced, organically grown and especially no GMOs. If your seeds are not, PLEASE LABEL THEM CLEARLY.
    • ORIGIN & AGE: We would like to know what year they were prepared for. If you harvested them last year then you would label them “for 2016”. If you don’t know the origin or age, please note that as well or simple leave behind. There’s no sense in folks trying to grow old seed that won’t germinate.
  • GIVE: If you have large volumes of seeds, please bring as much as you are comfortable with sharing. If you want, Ben has a couple more swaps following this one where the seed can be shared.
  • TAKE: The goal is to have plenty of seeds on hand so that people who come without any to trade can still leave with some seeds for their garden. Everyone is welcome!
  • REUSE: Bring your own containers with which to collect seeds. We will have some envelopes on hand for people to put seeds in, but they will be limited. Bring extra baggies or envelopes you have saved for others to use!
  • PACKETS OR BULK? – If you have prepackaged seeds that you want to give up, bring them. If you have bulk containers, please bring serving utensils.

If you’d like to volunteer, please sign up on this Google Doc.

Attend the Facebook event for updates.

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